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Video Of The Month - September 2017

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VOTM (Video Of The Month) - September 2017

How it works

You submit your video below using the template prized. The winner will be chosen by myself, this may change in the future depending on how well it goes. The winner will have their video featured in the sidebar of the website for 2 weeks from winning the contest. The thread will be closed on the 23rd of September 2017 and the winner will be chosen. Good Luck to everyone

Template - Submit your entries in this thread





Why should you win:



  • The submitted video must be made by you 
  • You should only register for yourself
  • The video must have been uploaded in the previous or the same month for the video of the month
  • You should not participate twice with the same video
  • 1 Video per channel



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Title: Total Eclipse August 21, 2017


 Description: I recorded the solar eclipse, then edited it and sped it up for your viewing pleasure. This was recorded where the totality lasted the longest, so everyone who missed it can enjoy it! It was filmed just like we were seeing it in real life, so it gives the feeling of watching it yourself!

Why should you win: I should win because hopefully, thanks to this video, I was able to give you guys the sense of experiencing this amazing event yourselves!

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I will be abstaining from the competition due to the following reasons:

1. Most of my content is gaming related and i dont feel any of it is up to par.

2. As of this writing Hurricane Irma is headed directly for my home of Puerto Rico and we may be without power for a term of 2-4 months if we survive this super storm.

@UnSocial sry about not participating.

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On 9/4/2017 at 1:31 PM, UnSocial said:

Title: Drive Through Lake District | Beautiful Cinematic Landscapes



Description: In this cinematic video we travel through a wet and rainy but still beautiful, sweeping roads of Kirkstone Pass in The Lake District, England.

Why should you win: I want to try and inspire others to explore new places, give you a sense of adventure


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want to be notified

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