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Found 158 results

  1. CODE VEIN UPDATE !! New location and character revealed! Bandai Namco has released a new set of Code Vein scans that show the City of Fallen Flames, the Mountain of Frozen Souls and the supporting character, Yakumo. Code Vein will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC around the world in 2018. Enjoy the video!
  2. SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER First Scans Gameplay Revealed !! Hi!! Here we bring you a new video ( no commentary ) with the first images in-game of the new game for this year 2018 of Square Enix, SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER !! Enjoy the video !!
  3. My Hero Academia One’s Justice New Scan Reveals Shigaraki’s Kill Move !! Shigaraki Tomura is the main antagonist in My Hero Academia, and his quirk is Destruction. The new scan reveals that Shigaraki can actually kill his enemy in 4 hits with a special technique! Enjoy the video !!
  4. One Piece: World Seeker New Scans Luffy vs. Ichiji, Niji and Yonji Revealed (HD) !! One Piece: World Seeker, the open world title that will invite us to discover the confines of Jail Island with Luffy and his companions, has recently shown new scans of the new confirmed characters, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji, members of the Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke family, who appear in full combat against our protagonist Luffy. Enjoy the video !!
  5. BLEACH Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening - ICHIGO vs RENJI (HD) !! Hi !! Today we bring you an exciting gameplay ( no commentary ) of video games based on the anime and manga world of Bleach !! In this video we will enjoy an interesting combat of Ichigo against the Quincy Uryu Ishida, then we will face the almighty Hollow Gillian and we will finish with a frantic battle against the Renji Shinigami who came to the real world in search of Rukia. Enjoy the video !!
  6. ATTACK ON TITAN 2 First battle !! Operation Frost Defense !! Hi !! In this gameplay we will defend with our character the defenses of Frost and we will relive one of the best moments of the anime and manga, Eren saving Armin from the clutches of a titan !! Enjoy the video !!
  7. Very good, I would like to share with all this video with the trailers of some of the most anticipated games: SPYRO REIGNITED TRILOGY → September 21 SPIDERMAN → September 7 JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION → June 12 We also have a trailer dedicated to the compliments received by HORIZON ZERO DAWN
  8. ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER New Scans Ichiji, Niji and Yonji revealed !! The latest issue of Weekly Jump confirms that Germa Kingdom military branch Germa 66 will appear in One Piece: World Seeker. Specifically, Yonji “Winch Green,” Ichiji “Sparking Red,” and Niji “Dengeki Blue” will appear. Enjoy the video !!
  9. Hi !! Bandai Namco has shown new images of My Hero Academy: One's Justice, which will be released this year on PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC, focusing on two playable characters, Stain and Shota Aizaw. Stain can paralyze his targets, while Shota has the ability to nullify the powers of his opponents with his eyes. Enjoy the video !!
  10. ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - Season 2 (A.O.T 2) The Titan Colossal appears !! Hi !! Here we bring you a new gameplay of this exciting adventure based on the anime manga of Attack on Titan !! In the video we will relive the fantastic battle that took place in Frost where Titan Colossal appears and Eren and his friends must face the Titan invasion !!
  11. I would love to share with everyone a gameplay in which was one of my favorite games in the legendary Super Nintendo (SNES): BATMAN RETURNS, what was your favorite game of that legendary console?
  12. The best MANZINGER Z attacks in video games !! Hi !! Here we bring you a new video ( no commentary ) with a compilation of the best attacks of our greatest and beloved Mazinger Z, in games like Super Robot Taisen V or BX !! Enjoy the video !!
  13. Hi !! The video that we bring you [ no commentary ] is about the first minutes of the Story Mode, where we will have to face a tough battle against the Titan Female !! Enjoy the video !!
  14. DRAGON BALL ADVANCED ADVENTURE - Gameplay Part #1 Battle Goku vs Yamcha (HD) In this gameplay, we will play the first 3 levels where we will face classic enemies of the series, fighting for example against Oolong or against Yamcha. Enjoy the video!
  15. DARK SOULS 3 Lothric & Lorian Boss Fight [ 4K 60Fps ] !! Hi !! Here we bring you a new video gameplay of the last game of the Dark Souls saga, where we will face the difficult princes Lothric & Lorian right at the end of the game !! Enjoy the video !!
  16. Bleach Brave Souls Gameplay ICHIGO, ULQUIORRA & SOI FON (HD) !! In this gameplay, we can enjoy the first moments of the game with Ichigo, Ulquiorra and captain Soi Fon among others !! Enjoy the video !!
  17. VANQUISH Argus Boss Fight ( Ultra Settings ) [ 4K 60Fps ] !! Hi !! Here we bring you a new video gameplay of one of the most frantic and great games created by Platinum Games: VANQUISH in Ultra quality !! In this game we will not face one of the first and difficult final bosses: Argus !! Enjoy the video !!
  18. Fist of the North Star PS4 Pro Gameplay Demo 2018 (HD) !! SEGA announced that its Yakuza Studio team would be developing a new entry in the Fist of the North Star (known as Hokuto ga Gotoku in Japan) in August of last year. Enjoy the video !!
  19. MY HERO ACADEMIA: ONE'S JUSTICE NEW CHARACTERS REVEALED (HD) !! Bandai Namco's next game on the popular anime and manga series, My Hero Academy, receives the announcement of three new heroes that will join its staff. Enjoy the video !!
  20. PES 2018 PSG - REAL MADRID ( What if Neymar played the game !! ) Two of the most powerful teams in Europe are playing all or nothing in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League !! We propose a match in PES 2018 where Neymar plays the game ... what would happen? Would it affect the final result? Would the PSG overcome the tie? And that's not all!! In addition, we will play the tie with a new camera mod created by NESA for PES 2018 in version 1.4 of Steam. Enjoy the video !!
  21. AWESOME !! Ichigo Bankai invades One Piece in Jump Ultimate Stars (HD) !! Hi !! Here we bring you a new video of the Jump Ultimate Stars series where this time we enter the world of One Piece with the unlocked BANKAI of Ichigo and we will face Luffy and Zoro among otors !! Enjoy the video !!
  22. HI !! Here we bring you a new video with scans where V-Jump magazine reveals that Broly and Bardock will be coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ !! Enjoy the video !!
  23. In this video i talk about my first year on youtube,and what i did to get where i am.Thank you all! Thanks for watching.Like,Share And Subscribe.Follow me on twitter the link is below. Check out my youtube channel for more videos - https://www.youtube.com/c/JustHitSquare Twitter - https://twitter.com/JustHitSquare
  24. In this video i go over some stuff that youtube is going to implement to small youtubers and how i feel about it.Also i talk about other things as well. Thanks for watching.Like,Share And Subscribe.Follow me on twitter the link is below. Check out my youtube channel for more videos - https://www.youtube.com/c/JustHitSquare Twitter - https://twitter.com/JustHitSquare
  25. DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Goku destroys Android 21 !! Hi !! Here we bring you a new video of the Dragon Ball Fighter Z story mode where Goku, Vegeta and their friends destroy Android 21 !!