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  1. Dark Souls 3 Gaming LP Series - ICE CASTLE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/M8BnIXzPeME -------------------------------------------------------------------- College and work have definitely been affecting my upload schedule, but nontheless I present another episode of the full Dark Souls 3 Series, In this episode we finally enter the ice castle, or irythll of boreal valley. Check it out if you have nothing else to do, we also meet an invader, of course
  2. Banana Clutch | Sm4sh Funny Moments ONLINE BATTLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://youtu.be/UQFz_5uBSqc ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Another great smash 4 video by yours truly, the MULTI DRAGON 129! ok, this is from the second session I recorded so I dedicated this one to playing multiple of my characters instead of just focusing on Kirby, I actually got asked why I was just using Kirby and it was sort of because he was my main and I really wanted to focus on him at first, but now I have an artillery of people I wanna use now =P so hope you guys enjoy the secondaries and stuff!
  3. DEACONS OF THE DEEP | Dark Souls 3 Let’s Play Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/JDAOK5Et120 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We’re Back with the full let’s play series of Dark Souls 3 with ya boy MultiDragon129 along with RICDRAGONZR4U! This time we’re in the Cathedral of the Deep going to fight the boss of the area to unlock the ice world! This boss was suprising in terms of difficulty and we also meet their worshipers, CHECK IT OUT! =p
  4. Final Fantasy XV | THE OPS | Gameplay Let’s Play Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/3T0xG2HlWqg -------------------------------------------------------------- No spoilers: This is a let’s play series of Final Fantasy XV with your boy MultiDragon129 who just hit 300 subscribers! I can’t thank you guys enough and I hope the next milestone isn’t as grueling as this one was whether it be 400 or 1000, keep leavin that support and i’ll always try to make videos. This game is starting to heat up alittle bit story wise and we’ve seen some big stuff hit Noctis in his feels so now we’re headed back to the kingdom to figure out if what we heard is true, We have put a hault on our mission to figure out what’s going on here and even I don’t know what’s gonna happen next so check it out! If you want =P
  5. Marth Time! SMASH 4 SERIES Funny Moments ------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://youtu.be/nSGWYz5G8Zw --------------------------------------------------------------- SMASH 4 Funny Moments Series with ya boy MultiDragon129! We playing for Glory Online for Wii U Smash and going against the toughest boys to hone my strengths and become the best smash player there is! Check out the series if you want =P
  6. Onion Man | DARK SOULS 3 | Funny Moments 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/EMHS-BrxHL4 --------------------------------------------------------------- Full Dark Souls 3 LP W/ Ricdragonzr4u and myself and in this episode were goin through the deacons of the deep area to collect the doll which will transition us into the next area, just another mini-puzzle we also get quite the suprise visit from an old friend so CHECK IT OUT! If you feel like it =P
  7. MY FATHER | Final Fantasy 15 2017 Series [LP] ------------------------------------------------------ https://youtu.be/dvSalIRVGCA ------------------------------------------------ Hey guys it's been awhile since I've uploaded Final Fantasy 15 but my files last time were corrupted so I just restarted the entire game over to catch up to where I left off (it wasn't that bad) but I got some more tutorial now were back on track with the series, hope you guys enjoy it =P
  8. JIGGLYPUFF OP WTF | SM4SH Funny Moments 2017 Gameplay ------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/IVlTYIsbc_k ------------------------------------------------- Funny Moments For Glory Series W/ MultiDragon129! a series in which I go online and 1v1 alot of people to see if I can handle it, and obviously it's not going very well Finally made me feel bad but check it out if you feel like it!
  9. Smash 4 FUNNY MOMENTS | Ducks Man... ------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/GdHUf1S-yzA ----------------------------------------------------- Smash 4 Funny Moments Series W/ MultiDragon129! We're playing For Glory with Kirby and challenging my limits to see how good I am against all others! The purpose of this series is to improve myself as a Smash player so eventually I should see something better than this
  10. Dark Souls 3 Funny Moments | Rise Up | 2017 Gaming ----------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/OQ4Pq5ZyooI -------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys, I haven't uploaded this in a little bit but it's a brand new series of my dark souls 3 Full LP CO-OP W/ RICDRAGONZR4U. This is Dark Souls so of course this is a rage series and now we're in cathedral of the deep in search of the doll that unlocks the door to Irythll Castle =P Check it out if you like dark souls!
  11. 2017 Gaming | SUPER SMASH BROS FUNNY MOMENTS ------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/RV-KmUP7Q1Q --------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody, it's MultiDragon129! This is the second episode of my For Glory series for Smash 4 on Wii U, I keep playing until I either get too good for everyone that's online or I quit this is basically a rage series so if your into that then go check it out! =P
  12. EAT HIM! | Injustice 2 - FUNNY MOMENTS ----------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/8ex7LZSl8QU -------------------------------------------------- This is the final episode of Injustice 2 W/ Ricdragonzr4u where we just beat the crap out of each other and see who comes out on top! Hope you guys enjoy the series, it got some good feedback in terms of views on my channel so thanks to whoever gave me a chance and watched any one of my videos =P more stuff always comin out =P
  13. SM4SH FOR GLORY SERIES W/ MultiDragon129 [FUNNY MOMENTS] -------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/khQtRZzXwzc ----------------------------------------------------- HEY EVERYBODY it's MultiDragon129! back for ANOTHER SERIES which is gonna be a For Glory series on Super Smash Bros Wii U where I just go up against people online and try to become an overall better smash player. This is my absolute favorite game and I've been playing it ever since I was alittle kid...(I have a long history with this game XD) ever since melee I've loved this game...and now we're opening up with the newest smash! not really new anymore but still the most recent.
  14. RAITO | INJUSTICE 2 Funny Moments W/RICDRAGONR4U [2017] ----------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/5olCx2KIJng ----------------------------------------------------- Injustice 2 Versus Mode W/ RICDRAGONZR4U! The crazy in this one is REAL this one kinda confuses the first 10 seconds as an actual fight but it's not it's just a highlight, I thought I made it change colors to indicate but I didn't see it but anyway hope you guys have been enjoying the series cause I love watching it! Share with your friends if ya want =P
  15. SKELETON BALL | FUNNY MOMENTS ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ DARK SOULS 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/V41ADNTpFYg ------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Funny Moments is back! the last one was months ago I believe basically this is where I take an entire session of recording and compile it to it's core funniest moments so there's alot of cuts here =P hope you enjoy the video as much as I did