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  1. Fortnite Funny Moments Gameplay and Failure -------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/eOK_FVKZLDk ----------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, we’re back on Fortnite again and this will be the last episode of the pre-recorded series as far as the christmas update goes, I am kind of behind on the updates in terms of Fortnite but more recordings will come out soon because miniguns and campfire though =P check out the last episode for now, I think its pretty funny!
  2. WHAT IS DARK SOULS 3 ? --------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/0cOiU4qDYM0 ------------------------------------------ Hey guys, Funny Moments video of Dark Souls III W/ Ricdragonzr4u! Love this one for some reason I think it turned out pretty well, funnier clips from the actual let’s play, if you wanna check that out aswell it’ll be on the channel of course! Thanks for supporting the series and more coming out soon!
  3. LAST OVERWATCH VIDEO FROM ME LOL -------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/bDI-70if-_s -------------------------------------------------------------- Check it out! Overwatch with MultiDragon129, Ricdragonzr4u, and Grandheritic! This is the last episode for this specific short series and I probably wont do another one because I don’t really have this game and tbh it wasn’t my favorite or something that I would normally play, but since it was in demo i decided to give it a try, I just suck though so if you wanna watch then go ahead =P Im sorry for the actually good overwatch players, lol
  4. Dark Souls 3 GAMING SERIES FULL LP | Co-op [Yhorm OP] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/KYcMY7k5CEI -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fighting Yhorm the Giant, one of the more important boss fights in the series, This is a full Co-op Let’s Play Series W/ RICDRAGONZR4U and this is the last episode of this session so enjoy it give it a share and also more coming out soon =P
  5. FORTNITE | #BEESTORY lol Funny Moments =P ------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/1Tmcmob5Buo ---------------------------------------------------------- MultiDragon129, Ricdragonzr4u, Mir, and Ray PLAYING FORTNITE! This is a quick couple sessions of us just going through the Christmas update, we would be glad to play more in the future as this game keeps updating so I can’t wait to see what others stuff continues to be implemented in the game, but for now, sorry for the slow Fortnite uploads but my schedule got alittle messed up because of college but Im going back to my every other day schedule and without and more introduction, please enjoy the videos =P
  6. DARK SOULS 3 GAMEPLAY | YHORM THE GIANT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/wKWSosy0cVo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 W/ Ricdragonzr4u and MultiDragon129! Full let’s play series, after this gameplay Im kind of confused in terms of where I am since it’s been awhile editing Dark Souls i’ll figure it out while you guys enjoy this video
  7. OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY | ZENYATTA | W/ FRIENDS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/VCUH57rI6bs ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys! We’re back for some more Overwatch w/ RICDRAGONZR4U & GRANDHERITIC! In this jaun we’re playing Zenyatta which I honestly believe is a really good character for someone like me who always seems confused by this game I might play him more than other characters now because of his simple mechanics but of course there are others like that, but lets play the Zenyatta!
  8. OLD DEMON KING - Dark Souls 3 | Let’s Play Series 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/Hd9DVLKsSAU --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a full let’s play series on Dark Souls III W/ my cousin RICDRAGONZR4U and sometimes I like to bring other guest that maybe in the game or just listening to me scream the whole time we’re facing the Old Demon King Boss in Smouldering Lake so check the video out if your bored! =P
  9. Flipnote Stick Fight [MultiDragon129] - ANGEL WINGS ---------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/Yo-E35xU4Og ----------------------------------------------------------------- This is a Stick Fight Animation that I created over the course of acouple months, coming out of highschool I definitely worked on it alot more overtime but I kind of slept on it until now, the recent weeks I really went in on finishing it and I finished the sound effects in one day =P hope you guys like it, I worked really hard on this stick fight and I’d like to do more and better ones in the future!
  10. DARK SOULS 3 GAMEPLAY 2018 | SKELETON GANG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/iDRQzaYZjNA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a full Let’s Play Series on Dark Souls III With my cousin RICDRAGONZR4U Im ending this game early 2018 so join me in my journey to beat this game, im still rising very very slowly so one of my 2018 resolutions are to gain a bigger following on youtube =P hope you guys are there or watchin the video! Happy 2018
  11. FORTNITE CHRISTMAS FUNNY MOMENTS | Let's Play! | #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/5aL0P6UHqHQ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fornite Funny Moments on Battle Royale W/ Ricdragonzr4u, MultiDragon129, XxMirMirFlamezXx, and Raymond! Check it out this jaun is hilarious! Also hope you guys had an awesome NEW YEARS We’re going for that 1st place so give us luck because teamwork is alittle skewed
  12. DARK SOULS 3 GAMEPLAY | TOO F&@%ING MUCH!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/sMeGyn913W4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, Dark Souls 3 is back W/ RICRAGONZR4U as our co-op partner. We’re going through Pontiff which is in my opinion one of the most annoying boss fights in his game, even with a partner this jaun is NO JOKE check it out if your bored =P
  13. OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY | I TRIED GENJI | W/ FRIENDS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://youtu.be/UyfZqL7wmdo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody, MultiDragon129! Back for some more Overwatch and with the homies, RICDRAGONZR4U, and Grandheritic. This time I try Genji and a few other of the cast, although I suck at this game so I hope it’s not too much shame or disappointment on me I tried ok...I got acouple kills
  14. PONTIFF SULYVAHN BOSS FIGHT | DARK SOULS III Funny LP Series ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/RgUf6yhRuYM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT TIME! We’re up in Pontiff Sulyvahn’s Church REAL QUICK! It’s MultiDragon129 with RICDRAGONZR4U and this is a full let’s play co-op series of Dark Souls 3 or just a rage series this episode was complete destruction straight up we tried lol check out the series if your interested =P
  15. FORTNITE CHRISTMAS FUNNY MOMENTS | Let's Play! | #1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/nzGYg_Apn5Y ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys! Playing Fortnite with abunch of Friends including RICDRAGONZR4U, along with XxMirMirFlamezXx, and Rayman! This was HILARIOUS so I hope you guys give it some support this jaun was DOPE and it took hours of editing to finish so going into 2018 I wanna improve the quality of my let’s plays and just hope they get even funnier =P