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  1. This is honestly an amazing resource for someone who has 0 art skills like myself...
  2. YouTube is full of many different channels, here is some ideas of what your channel could be about Gaming Gaming is one of the biggest sections of YouTube but that doesn't mean you cannot join in on the fun too. Grab yourself one of your favourite games, a microphone and off you go and record yourself, it is as easy as that... Education for Children Parents are more and more coming comfortable with technology to educate their children. You can create videos on anything from children's songs to learning the alphabet in a fun and creative way Music If you have a talent for singing or an instrument then you should be demonstrating this on YouTube and showing off. This may be your own original songs or covering current songs. Fitness Being fit is the main aim for many people in today's world and you can create a channel around this. Create fun and engaging fitness videos that are easy for beginners
  3. Surrender@20 is a news website for League of Legends, mostly on the PBE changes that occur. Over the years of Surr@20 being run it has built itself a nice, friendly community and now that it has a discord it is even easier to join in with this community of League lovers. https://discord.gg/72QFDSb