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  1. What's up guys! It's me, NuclearWolf Gaming and I am looking for some more peps to collab with because I wanna do some more youtube stuff. I am not that good at making videos because I am new, so don't expect my content to be top notch or anything in the middle.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0rlViV7vcD49o5928JDKOg I am a furry gaming youtuber who is trying his hardest to become one of the next big things on youtube and hoping to create a community out of it. I will admit it, my videos are bad, I can only record mobile games and sometimes PS4 games, and the sound quality is somewhat plain terrible. But if you find any entertainment value out of my channel, then Like and Subscribe, become a NuclearWolf Pup today! Share my youtube channel with your friends! And I'll see you all in the next video!