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  1. What games you thinking? We have a group who regularly play PUBG, Rust, H1Z1, GTA V, and other random games.
  2. Just found this site, after I got an email about it. Seems like a cool place so far! I have a gaming funny moments channel with around 700 subscribers. I'm reasonably skilled with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, so if anyone needs any help with those then give me a shout! I also feature other people's channel trailers on my channel as my version of a 'shoutout Sunday'. You don't have to be subscribed to me to be featured, you just have to send me a GOOD channel trailer that's around 30 seconds.
  3. Try watching videos that are similar to yours, and leave a positive/amusing comment. There's a small chance that people watching that video will see your comment, click on it, and then subscribe to you if they like your channel. Also I do a 'Shoutout Sunday' where I feature other people's channel trailers. If you have a good quality 30 seconds(ish) channel trailer, and want featured, then let me know! (you don't need to sub me or any of that nonsense)
  4. My channel trailer is an accurate representation of my videos, 10% luck and 90% f*** ups! -
  5. Title: Platinum in ONLY TWO YEARS!! Video: Description: I used to suck at Rocket League. Now I suck less! Why should you win: I did a pretty decent job of matching the music to the action. It was a huge relief to finally make platinum. The video contains the greatest rant from one of my mates when I missed the ball - "WHY ARE YOU SH***!" 😂