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  1. This week's schedule will be wonky due to some finals I need to take, but there is usually a few posts a week! I would appreciate, at the least, a few more views on my videos than at the least, but if you somehow like my videos and do more than just watch some of them that will be highly appreciated! Thank you and enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWhBVs8iMh19nxySUcMbZEw
  2. Title: Mad Father | 21st Century Pixels Video: Description: In this Halloween themed episode, Michael reviews a Japanese RPG Horror game that was popular five years ago. Though the video may seem like a regular review, something sinister is brewing due to the cryptic phones calls Michael is getting... Why it should Win: After about three weeks of scripting, recording, and editing my main goal was to share a cheesy but at the same time spooky Halloween themed game review. Now, this is not a normal review since I tended to lean towards jokes and short funny gags that I thought up of while playing instead of doing a voiceover on top of the gameplay. It's not the easiest process to do since it takes multiple takes to get things right, but all I did was have fun throughout making it. Honestly, I don't mind if I win or not since all I really want people to do is watch my videos since I enjoy sharing videos that I make to people. :-)