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  1. Cory makes it all the way to his first boss! Will he prevail? Can he take on the challenge?
  2. Cory proves that he is not a very good lookout in this episode! The boys have a good start and get all geared up but Cory's lack of awareness may end up costing them the round.
  3. John proves to be untrustworthy in this episode, and he pays the price. Because everyone keeps killing him whether he is innocent or not!
  4. Cory and Traviss have some really bad luck in this episode but luckily Cory is such a wonderful guide!
  5. Cory jumps right back into the cave and comes across a ghostly friend, who he needs to impress.
  6. The deception continues in TTT, but this time is the Teletubby a cold blooded killer? Ryan seems to be guilty all the time and really likes fighting in the kitchen. But also John gets a little frustrated because he keeps getting killed before he even has a chance to fight.
  7. John and Cory take on one of the hardest challenges in PUBG, vehicles only! This actually goes over a lot better then one would think. The boys find some success in this challenge and it makes for good fun!
  8. The Gamingtators launch a new series in Garry's Mod, Trouble in Terrorist Town! The boys have some really funny moments in this high stakes game. They have some trust issues to work out but it is the makings of a long and funny series!
  9. Cory and Sarah take a look at this old 2009 indie game about avoiding have to poop your pants. Sounds Fun For All Ages!
  10. Cory checks out the indie game Caveblazers which is created by his inspiration The Yogscast! This game test Cory right off the bat as it is a fast pace quick death kind of game!
  11. In this episode the boys take a look at many amazing dupes! They look at the Titanic. Also Traviss finds a really cool slide that has some troubles but Cory sorts it out. They mess around with some explosives and Ryan shows off his flying penis thingy...
  12. In this episode John and Cory take on shotguns only, and it does not go well! But Cory learns a valuable lesson on how to NOT use a vehicle.
  13. The Gamingtators - Top Five Moments - OCTOBER 2017 These are the top five moments from the month of October Enjoy!
  14. Cory decides to take a look inside of the mysterious building that has loomed over the colony. What is inside is terrible and ends up ending the series. Be sure to check it out and watch Cory fail!
  15. Cory and John launch a new PUBG series! A challenge series! Each episode the boys will take on a challenge that they have created or found in the comments. So be sure to leave a challenge below and we will get to it when we can! In this episode they take on the challenge of pistols only. They actually do quite well.