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  1. The Gamingtators launch a new series with CODY! From the old Battlefield Bros videos! Who can come out on top in this RTS showdown. Cody has an obsession with sheep that causes some inappropriate comments.
  2. The boys take flight in this episode of TTT. The president needs to be protected, but there is a terrorist among them! This map is full of traitor buttons, but they do not exactly make sense.
  3. The boys check out the new Pirate Cove map. Cory struggles to keep up with Ryan and John. But it is understandable because Ryan was practicing before because he doesn't like to lose!
  4. Ryan and Cory dive back into Colony Survival and try to get their village back on track! With the death of all their villagers and the lack of defense the boys have their work cut out for them!
  5. The boys continue to murder each other in the most Christmas way possible! Cory tries to make a great play but first he needs to get that pesky old man out of the window!
  6. The guys check out Yogtowers in Garry's Mod Murder! The map has a couple traps but it is a really cool replica of Yogtowers. Yogtowers is the office of the Yogscast the YouTube channel that has inspired this channel!
  7. Cory's detective skills are not the best and his karma pays for it! Cory does not know how to conduct himself properly and the boys do not like his killing ways.
  8. The bamboozling continues and one round is particularly funny when Ryan goes missing. Cory finds him then looses his mind.
  9. Cory and Sarah need to rescue Santa Claus in this Minecraft Adventure Map! Cory is at the controls while Sarah tries to give emotional support.
  10. Cory gives a quick update as he prepares to move back to Canada! He also does some shout outs to the more loyal visitors. Then finally gives some info for an upcoming giveaway!
  11. Cory really puts some effort into his multi-stack farm & Ryan continues to do whatever it is that he does! They also solidify their defenses and look to the future. But a glitch occurs and something happens to the village!
  12. The boys take a look at different game mode in Garry's Mod, MURDER! This game allows everyone to get all their frustration out by stabbing one another.
  13. Second part of GeoGuessr is here! Who will win? Sarah or Cory?
  14. Ryan and Cory have some issues deciding who should be guarding the colony. They can't seem to figure out the day shift night shift thing went setting up guards and their colonist pay the price for it.
  15. The trouble continues on the Minecraft Map, especially for Ryan. Who seems to have a hard time staying on solid ground, and spends most the round falling.