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  1. Had to upload this again! Some of Cory's audio was missing, I don't know how this stuff gets missed what a terrible editor we have...
  2. The boys take on the super intelligent AI of Age of Empires 2! Can they outsmart the machine? Or will the computer defeat them in the most embarrassing way possible.
  3. Upside down rooms, strange lasers, and the white abyss. These are just a few of the strange things on this map. The group are a little busy with killing each other but they do notice the nice scenery.
  4. There is a murderer in the penthouse! But who could it be? It is probably Ryan because he is always a bad boy.
  5. The gang heads oversees to battle in the streets of Tokyo! This neon light nightmare cause quite a few distractions for everyone. There is even a sexy robot. *wink*
  6. The boys hit the links again and check out the colorful word of Candyland! They are just trying to have fun but oh the salt starts to flow!
  7. The gang becomes really small on this big map! They also try a round without custom skins so finding out who is good and bad becomes much more difficult!
  8. The Gamingtators return to Guess Who! Cory is as skilled as ever but Sarah seems to a natural! Can Traviss and John pull off a win? Or will they lose to the power couple?
  9. John finds his favorite spot on the map in this episode, but it is clear that he just wants an advantage point over the rest of the gang!
  10. The game comes to a conclusion! Season 1 ends in typical Gamingtator style. Tune in and find out how!
  11. The boys go back in time and check out an old Call of Duty map, Terminal! As usual Cory goes crazy with the harpoon and Ryan is fishy, who will come out on top?
  12. The Gamingtators launch a new series with CODY! From the old Battlefield Bros videos! Who can come out on top in this RTS showdown. Cody has an obsession with sheep that causes some inappropriate comments.
  13. The boys take flight in this episode of TTT. The president needs to be protected, but there is a terrorist among them! This map is full of traitor buttons, but they do not exactly make sense.
  14. The boys check out the new Pirate Cove map. Cory struggles to keep up with Ryan and John. But it is understandable because Ryan was practicing before because he doesn't like to lose!
  15. Ryan and Cory dive back into Colony Survival and try to get their village back on track! With the death of all their villagers and the lack of defense the boys have their work cut out for them!