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  1. Episode 01 of A Girl Adrift! A tap-RPG free app game.
  2. Checking out the Snake Migration at LaRue Pine Hills! Wildflowers, snakes, toads, and more!
  3. Episode 12 of Bioshock! Let's save the trees!
  4. Exploring Bell Smith Springs in southern Illinois!
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  7. Episode 11 of Bioshock! We're on the hunt for ingredients to save the trees and we getting a new ability involving bees!
  8. Episode 10 of Bioshock! We're on a mission to save the trees! Don't mind me while I die and get distracted by exploring.
  9. Episode 20 of Horizon Zero Dawn! I clear out 2 more corrupted zones, including a high level one with 2 Longlegs! And then I make it to the Carja Border Fort to find it under seige!
  10. Episode 19 of Horizon Zero Dawn! In this episode, I clear the Valleymeet Hunting Grounds trails! See how to get 3 Blazing Suns in the first try!
  11. Episode 9 of Bioshock! We get to a new area of Rapture and it's filled with new splicers baddies and game mechanics!
  12. Episode 8 of Bioshock! We finally get into the fisheries and then mass chaos ensues!
  13. Episode 7 of Bioshock! In this episode, we hunt down three spider splicers and take pictures of them for research!
  14. Episode 6 of Bioshock! We venture further through Rapture and find the research camera in this episode!
  15. Episode 5 of Bioshock! We're trying to get into the fisheries and in the process encounter a handful of Big Daddies!!