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  1. VOTM (Video Of The Month) - September 2017 How it works You submit your video below using the template prized. The winner will be chosen by myself, this may change in the future depending on how well it goes. The winner will have their video featured in the sidebar of the website for 2 weeks from winning the contest. The thread will be closed on the 23rd of September 2017 and the winner will be chosen. Good Luck to everyone Template - Submit your entries in this thread Rules The submitted video must be made by you You should only register for yourself The video must have been uploaded in the previous or the same month for the video of the month You should not participate twice with the same video 1 Video per channel
  2. That was something different haha, but well done on 200 subscribers
  3. Literally, cannot wait for this to come out, I loved what they did with Planet coaster so hopefully they bring that same quality to Jurassic World Evolution
  4. Very nicely done video, you sounded very confident speaking and this made the video much more enjoyable to watch because you got that sense that you had a passion for what you were talking about. The audio quality was fine to listen to, not the best but it was fine. Would loved to of seen more slow mo moments of the shots and dodges you were talking about, other than that, great video.
  5. This is something I could do, however I wouldn't be able to supply a monetary prize for this as I am not rich haha. However, I could have the video featured in the sidebar?
  6. I was thinking about holding contests in the near future to reward the users of the forum and also have some fun. So just wanted to ask what sort of contests would you like to participate in, Video making contests, forum contests? Also, what sort of prizes would you like to receive for winning a contest? Steam vouchers, psn vounchers, gift cards, forum account upgrades? Please reply below with your thoughts!
  7. Every Friday we show some appreciation for all the amazing fan art out there. This week the theme is Game Of Thrones! Source Source Source Source Source
  8. This is one of my all time favourite games!
  9. @Vex Of-carter Could you provide a link to your video
  10. YouTuber: Video Creators Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLnOnZ-gEy8 Description: If growing your YouTube channel is slow and you're not getting the YouTube views and subscribers you want, these successful creators share 29 ideas for how to spark growth, engagement, and interaction on your YouTube channel with an influx of new subscribers and views. They share a lot of great tips on how to grow your YouTube channel when you're not getting the views and subscribers you really want.
  11. Oh I love the look and combat of the new injustice. Great video man
  12. YouTube is now allowing people to opt into the new material design of YouTube. Are you using it and do you prefer the new or older design and why? I love the new Material design, it is very smooth and easy to navigate but a bit annoying that Tube Buddy isn't compatible with it, that's the only downfall for me.
  13. How to advertise your video To advertise your videos on UnSocialHours and get more videos you must first pick a category related to your video content here, once you have done this click the blue start a new topic button at the top. Add the title of your video in the title box, add relevant tags to the content of your video. Then in the space provided additional details about your video such as description, then post the link to your video, it should auto embed onto the website and be viewable from the thread. Once you are happy click submit topic. Promoting Content to UnSocialHours Social pages To promote your content to our social media pages you must click the grey button that says Promote above the thread, by clicking this button you can automatically promote posts to our Social Media and get more exposure to your threads and hopefully get more views. Make sure you change the Hash tags and content to be relevant to your content! You should then see your content viewable on our Twitter and Facebook. Please note that content isn't always promoted instantly so give it at least 10 minutes to show. This is what the button looks like to promote content Sharing your content on your own social media pages To share your thread on your own social media pages click the share button ( ) on the top right-hand corner of your thread. This will give you a popup menu with many social media options to be shared too. Reporting a thread If you find a thread/post that isn't adhering to the Forum Rules to you can click the Report Post () in the top right-hand corner. This will alert the site staff to the offending post and the appropriate action will be taken.
  14. VidMe is becoming an alternative platform to YouTube in some peoples opinions, therefore we have added sections to accommodate for people that choose to create content over at VidMe as we want to support small creators no matter what platform they choose. The VidMe Section can be found here: https://unsocialhours.com/forum/101-vidme-discussion/ Any VidMe videos can be posted in the Video and Channel Promotion Section as this area is for all video platforms. VidMe videos unfortunately do not auto embed nor is there a way currently to embed them so you will have to just post the VidMe link, we hope to find a solution to this in the future. Hope you like this addition to our website and more updates will come in the future.
  15. Welcome to the forums, if you need anything just message me