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    DOKKAN BATTLE MY FIRST SUMMON AND SURPRISE !! Hi!! In today's gameplay we bring you our first Multi-Summon and the truth, we believe that the result has been spectacular !! In addition, we will face against Beerus in an exciting battle with Broly, Golden Frieza and Vegetto Blue among others. Enjoy the video !!
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    BLEACH Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening - ICHIGO vs RENJI (HD) !! Hi !! Today we bring you an exciting gameplay ( no commentary ) of video games based on the anime and manga world of Bleach !! In this video we will enjoy an interesting combat of Ichigo against the Quincy Uryu Ishida, then we will face the almighty Hollow Gillian and we will finish with a frantic battle against the Renji Shinigami who came to the real world in search of Rukia. Enjoy the video !!
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    Very good, I would like to share with all this video with the trailers of some of the most anticipated games: SPYRO REIGNITED TRILOGY → September 21 SPIDERMAN → September 7 JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION → June 12 We also have a trailer dedicated to the compliments received by HORIZON ZERO DAWN
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