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    Been Hard to decide this month with some good submissions, but this month I am giving the win to.... @Micaityl Congratulations
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    Title: Mad Father | 21st Century Pixels Video: Description: In this Halloween themed episode, Michael reviews a Japanese RPG Horror game that was popular five years ago. Though the video may seem like a regular review, something sinister is brewing due to the cryptic phones calls Michael is getting... Why it should Win: After about three weeks of scripting, recording, and editing my main goal was to share a cheesy but at the same time spooky Halloween themed game review. Now, this is not a normal review since I tended to lean towards jokes and short funny gags that I thought up of while playing instead of doing a voiceover on top of the gameplay. It's not the easiest process to do since it takes multiple takes to get things right, but all I did was have fun throughout making it. Honestly, I don't mind if I win or not since all I really want people to do is watch my videos since I enjoy sharing videos that I make to people. :-)
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    Try watching videos that are similar to yours, and leave a positive/amusing comment. There's a small chance that people watching that video will see your comment, click on it, and then subscribe to you if they like your channel. Also I do a 'Shoutout Sunday' where I feature other people's channel trailers. If you have a good quality 30 seconds(ish) channel trailer, and want featured, then let me know! (you don't need to sub me or any of that nonsense)
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    Title: Platinum in ONLY TWO YEARS!! Video: Description: I used to suck at Rocket League. Now I suck less! Why should you win: I did a pretty decent job of matching the music to the action. It was a huge relief to finally make platinum. The video contains the greatest rant from one of my mates when I missed the ball - "WHY ARE YOU SH***!" πŸ˜‚
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    @UnSocial this is going to be an interesting month for the competition... still wish i had power so I could participate(read trounce) Aureolin. Love you @Aureolin. Friendly competition and all that... even though she has more subs than me😒😒😒
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    Title: Alien Isolation Episode 11 Death Compilation Video: Description: These are just deaths from attempting to record episode 11. Why you should win: This episode took about 1hr 45min to record and yet somehow watching my frustration after the fact is hilarious! Plus bonus points, I manage not to swear! πŸ˜‰