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  2. Thanos vs Avengers (Infinity War Characters) in MVC Infinite !! This video, quite full of combos, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite that we bring you today, we will see in action the powerful Thanos against the Avengers that appear in the film, which will be Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-man, Thor and Hulk (with the same clothing as in Thor: Ragnarok) and Dr. Strange. Enjoy the video!!
  3. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/JkTlOoyp3X Phantom of the Paradise: Creator vs Producer

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  5. 6 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/qr5xPzrx7M

  6. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/ZCUk0Tgp0E Raggedy's Friends and Rune Read "Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark"

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  8. @Zombiemold https://t.co/b9yTfEWSnw

  9. RT @AndyDeen666: RIP Verne Troyer . You will be sorely missed little legend 😢🎬 https://t.co/o5vpdLhPhO https://t.co/5f9zUhHxkm

  10. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/IvNI1nLyOc TOP 10 BEST & WORST STONER MOVIES Google Hangout *LIVE* with Amanda

  11. I would like to share with everyone a gameplay in a super classic of SUPER NINTENDO, SUPER MARIO WORLD, this game is very fun, simple and addictive. Enjoy the video!
  12. @CJWrightBooks @RandomHorror @CarnageCandyy @PMRBonez88 @KNanapat @WILIreviews @OtH_Fedora @HomicidalKaci… https://t.co/Zu9yp4pDT7

  13. DOKKAN BATTLE MY FIRST SUMMON AND SURPRISE !! Hi!! In today's gameplay we bring you our first Multi-Summon and the truth, we believe that the result has been spectacular !! In addition, we will face against Beerus in an exciting battle with Broly, Golden Frieza and Vegetto Blue among others. Enjoy the video !!
  14. My Hero Academia One’s Justice New Scan Reveals Shigaraki’s Kill Move !! Shigaraki Tomura is the main antagonist in My Hero Academia, and his quirk is Destruction. The new scan reveals that Shigaraki can actually kill his enemy in 4 hits with a special technique! Enjoy the video !!
  15. Here's my #FilmStruck4 that define me. I was tagged by @NightmareMaven & I tag @HorrorAddictsTV @CharCharBeast… https://t.co/c520HDYB2h

  16. Checking out the Snake Migration at LaRue Pine Hills! Wildflowers, snakes, toads, and more!
  17. Hi !! The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has revealed a new scan revealing Sarada Uchiha, Mitsuki and Boruto as playable characters. Enjoy the video !!
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  19. @wolfmansnards But he was kind enough to use a smiley face though

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